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Empowering Parents, Nurturing SuperChildren.

At SaySpeech, our mission is to empower parents in their parenting journey while nurturing SuperChildren. We provide a comprehensive platform that offers expert guidance and support in the areas of speech therapy, behavioral psychology and nutrition.


Through personalized sessions, resources, and practical advice, we assist parents in understanding and addressing various aspects of their child's growth. Whether it's fostering language and communication skills, promoting positive behavior, ensuring optimal hearing health, or providing guidance on nutrition, SaySpeech is here to help parents navigate the challenges and joys of raising children.

Become a SuperParent to raise your SuperChild!


Our Parenting Experts

Our expert team of audiologist, speech therapist, behavioral psychologist, and nutritionist work together to empower parents and nurture every aspect of their child's growth. With a holistic approach, we provide support in hearing health, communication skills, behavior management, and nutrition. 

Join us as we power your parenting journey and unlock your child's full potential !


Aiza Fatima Raza


& Speech



Tanvi Sanghavi

Audiologist and Speech Therapist


Gopika Krishnan

Audiologist and Speech Therapist

Our Services

Unlocking the Potential of Parenting for Holistic Child Development through

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Speech Therapy

Help your child develop strong communication skills with the guidance of our experienced Speech Therapist. Book a session to receive tailored speech therapy plans, techniques, and exercises that foster language development and enhance verbal expression.

Child Therapy

Behavioral Psychology 

Gain insights into your child's behavior and emotional well-being with the expertise of our dedicated Behavioral Psychologist. Book a session to explore strategies, receive practical advice, and address behavioral challenges, fostering positive growth and emotional resilience.

Child at the Doctor's Office

Child Nutrition

Ensure your child's optimal nutrition and well-being with the support of our knowledgeable Nutritionist. Book a session to receive personalized dietary guidance, expert recommendations, and practical tips to promote healthy eating habits and support your child's growth and development.

Our Clients Say

"Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you, or what it's like to use your products and services."

Robert Rose, Product Designer

Our Impact


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Expert Advice

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